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Snap Back Full Body Guided Detox Program
Let us help you lose weight and feel great by detoxing in a way that you never have before. This is a GUIDED detox program, which means you're not alone in this journey. We are here with you every step of the way! Plus, you have access to all of the tools and resources that you will need to meet your detox goals! Watch this video to learn more.
Use this detox to help you reach your wellness goals. We offer a  MONEY BACK GUARANTEE,
so there's no risk when purchasing. 

Clients lose
½-1 lb ea. day! 
Now, don't fret, that's HEALTHY weight-loss AND you can start on any date that works best for you! In addition, some of the other possible benefits of this program are...

*Clearer skin 

*Mental clarity
*Constipation relief

*Decreased belly fat
*Toxin elimination

*Better fertility

*Stabilized blood sugar
*Improved focus

*Improved digestion

*Stabilized blood pressure
*Better immune system

*Increased healthy cells
*Increased energy

*Improved circulation
Why is it important to detox???
If unhealthy foods and toxins aren't cleansed from our bodies, we can developed toxic colons. This causes excess belly fat plus disease and illness too.

Lack of detoxing has a negative impact on how we look and feel overall. Some signs include weight gain, fatigue, depression, poor skin, constipation & more.

Believe it or not, we ingest chemicals daily, in our water, air and food. If we don't detox, these chemicals can cause disease and illness and many other problems later in life.

How this program works...

During this 14-day program you are allowed to eat an unlimited amount of raw and cooked fruits, vegetables, nuts and nut butters (i.e. peanut butter, etc...). In addition, you are allowed to drink smoothies, fresh juices, herbal teas and water. All of these items are optional and can be consumed in the combination that works best for you. So, for example, if you can't stand smoothies, you don't have to consume them during the detox. The detox workbook provides a detailed outline with all of the information that you'll need to successfully complete this program. Modifications are available on an as needed basis and our team is with you every step of the way. This is what sets us apart from other detox programs. The added layer of accountability creates an environment conducive to your successful completion of the program. Also, if you have high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, heart disease or any other diseases and/or illnesses, this program could greatly benefit you by naturally addressing these issues. Even if you have a good diet, detoxing is a wonderful way to protect your body from the ill effects of the toxins in our environment and food sources and to help boost your immune system.

This detox program was designed to help you reach your nutrition & wellness goals & cleanse your body of unwanted toxins and waste.

You CAN eat on this program!
You have SUPPORT throughout the entire process!!
You have all the resources, tools and information that you need to be SUCCESSFUL and reach your nutrition & wellness #GOALS!!!

 This detox includes...
Access to the official Members Only Portal ($79 value)
Incoming/Outgoing Success Tracking ($49 value)
Top 14 Detox Recipes for Success E-Book ($29 value)
The Snap Back Full Body Detox Workbook ($39 value)
Access to Video Sessions with the Program Creator inside the portal ($59 value)
The Snap Back Full Body Detox Smoothie/Juice Guide ($19 value)
Detox Start Date Selection Feature inside the portal-choose your own start date (priceless)
Support throughout the entire process and client check-ins ($229 value)
Private Facebook Support Group During & After Program Completion (priceless)
Video Grocery Shopping Guide + Workbook Upon Program Completion ($39 value)
Optional Post-Detox Nutrition & Wellness Assessment ($79 value)
Discounts on Other Company Services Upon Program Completion (up to $300 value)

If after completion of the 14-Day detox program, you aren't satisfied with how you feel as a result of your cleansing process, we will give you a full refund!

What others are saying about the detox program...

I enjoyed the support and being creative while being successful with completing the detox. I felt lighter and my skin tone was a lot smoother and clearer. I enjoyed the ongoing motivation and supportive network via social media. It was good to partake in a journey with like minds and realize that the challenges were universal.  It was very inspiring to continue on, especially days I wanted to give up and go back to my old way of eating.

E. Maddox 
I lost inches and 15 pounds.  I liked that you could eat during this detox, which made it not as strenuous as other detox programs.
Diana Avery
As a result of the detox, I lost 14 pounds, have much more energy, and feel much better overall.  Because of lack of energy I was at the point of not being able to do my job or keep things organized at home. After the first day of detox my energy level soared. I went from energy for the first couple of hours a day to having to just stop doing things because it's the end of the day. I love the support that is given and would like to do the detox again in the future.
Wanda Luckett
Shonté Press
Certified Nutrition & Wellness Consultant
If you're ready to get help, lose weight and feel good, this is the perfect solution for you. Let me show you how to get the results you've been waiting for! I am here to help you #PressHealthyButtons!
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